The huia was a native New Zealand bird treasured for its remarkable character, unique biology and deep cultural significance to the Maori people. The last huia was sighted in 1907, but it remains a symbol of that which is precious, treasured, and important. Its extinction was a tragedy.  
Huia Films was created with a view to creating films of beauty and lasting worth, with a particular focus on history, conservation and environment and travel.  

Huia Films 

Nicole van Heerden  |  Filmmaker

The Huia (2011) 

NZ International Film Festival Film Café  2011, Allshorts Film Festival 2011, Wild and Scenic Film Festival 2012, Magma Film Festival 2012, Reel Earth Film Festival 2012, Canterbury Film Festival 2012 , EarthDance Short-Attention-Span Film Festival 2012, Going Green Film Festival 2013, Te Manawa Museum Exhibition 2013 


Whistle Blower (2015)

Show Me Shorts Film Festival 2015

Available to view on Lightbox (Season 6 Episode 8)



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